Schiff X Royal Delft

In 2019, a unique collaboration emerged between two traditional crafts from an ancient world, brought overseas from the East. Rich in culture, tradition, and symbolism, these art forms are meticulously applied by hand, either with a needle on skin or a brush on biscuit. Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo tells a story of faith, hope, and love, crafted from exclusively designed hand-painted objects and transferred pieces.

Schiff X Homey´s

The By Schiffmacher series is the brainchild of one of the world's best tattoo artists, Henk Schiffmacher. You see, Henk, growing up in a family of Dutch butchers, learned to handle sharp knives early on. That's where Homey's Tools For Life comes into play. Together, we've created some cool cooking and dining essentials. Picture high-quality steak knives, a standout chef's knife, and a sturdy chopping block inspired by the butcher's trade. And the best part? Each piece is adorned with Henk's hand-drawn tattoos, blending different tattoo styles to give our tools a unique and badass vibe.

Schiff X G-STAR

Tattoos and denim, for rebels and mavericks. G-Star RAW and Henk Schiffmacher celebrate individuality. Artistic and personal expression on a blank canvas. Brought to life in a limited edition denim overall full of stories, symbols, and mythology.

Schiff X Keune

We believe that character shapes the world. Those who stand for something, make a difference. Just like legendary tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher. Our shared Amsterdam roots and creative DNA come to life in this unique collaboration: the 1922 by J.M. Keune giftbox for men.

Schiff X Heidebrouwerij

In 2024, Henk Schiffmacher brings his unique creativity to an unexpected medium: the beer cans of Heidebrouwerij. With his unmistakable style and artistic vision, he imbues the cans with a unique character that both stands out and inspires. His collaboration with Heidebrouwerij embodies the synergy between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art. By adding his iconic designs to these cans, he not only creates a flavorful experience for beer enthusiasts but also brings his passion for art to a wider audience in an innovative way.

Schiff X Schiffmacher's Original Collection

A collection of original and printed artworks from Henk Schiffmacher himself. By making this collection accessible for everyone, we hope that everyone can enjoy the artworks and the stories they carry with them.

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