Explore the fascinating journey of tattoo legend Henk Schiffmacher! Over the years, he traveled the world to uncover the ancient art of tattooing, collecting more than 40,000 objects and their incredible stories from diverse cultures.

Henk's collection isn't just about art; it's a celebration of global tattoo traditions. Now, after four decades of passion, his unique legacy is being shared with the world. This collection, along with Henk's knowledge, is being preserved and made accessible for everyone now.

Welcome to the Schiffmacher Shop, where art, culture, and stories come together. Join us in preserving this vibrant heritage for generations to come!

Schiff About

Art should be for all

Henk Schiffmacher, is opening the doors to his cherished heritage collection, filled with old books, paintings, drawings, and more. With a heart full of passion, Henk invites you to explore and own a piece of his remarkable journey.

Among these treasures are carefully preserved old books, exquisite paintings, and intricate drawings, each with its own unique story. Henk’s collaboration with renowned brands has also resulted in limited edition products that echo his artistic vision and creativity.

By making these items available, Henk Schiffmacher aims to share the magic of his collection with enthusiasts, art lovers, and curious minds alike. Each piece carries the essence of Henk's adventures, inviting you to be a part of his extraordinary heritage.

Embrace the opportunity to own a slice of tattoo history and artistic brilliance. Dive into Henk Schiffmacher's world, where every item has a tale to tell and a legacy to share. Start your journey with us today!

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